Tableside QR Code Ordering

Improve restaurant operational efficiency with tableside QR Code ordering. Now your customers don't have to wait for server. Customer can scan the QR code on the table and start the order in no time. Less staff on the floor. Save time and money.
Xook ecommerce solution

Key Features

  • Save Time

    Let the customer to place order from the tableside with convenience using QR Code and save time.
  • Pre-authorized payment

    You focus on serving best food to customer and never worry about unpaid checks.
  • Mobile, Tablet and Laptop Friendly

    Experience that works well with mobile phone, tablet or even laptop
  • Reduce Operational Cost

    Reduce operational cost by less staff on the floor.
  • Increase Efficiency

    Let the staff focus on serving best food, answering any question and having great customer experience.
  • Reviews

    Allow customer to provide Reviews.
  • Loyalty and Promotion

    Built in Loyalty and Promotion feature.
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