Simple Restaurant Point of Sale

The simpliest POS system that you will ever need to run your Restaurant business. Just download Xook POS iPad app for free and get started with in-store restaurant sale in no time. Gone are those days of complicated POS configuration.
Xook ecommerce solution

Key Features

  • Simple, yet effective POS for Restaurant

    Simpliest Point Of Sale you would ever need to run your Restaurant Business.
  • Omnichannel Integrated

    View all orders from website, mobile app, QR Code, Kiosk, POS all in one place.
  • Offline Mode Supported

    Network can go down. But we have you covered with Offline Support
  • Instant Messaging Integated

    Stay connected to your customer and build great customer experience.
  • Built for Mobility

    Xook POS is iPad based which you can carry around the restaurant for mobility
  • Get Started in No Time

    Does not require zillons of configuration to setup the POS. Gone are those old days of complicated settings. Next era of POS.
  • Loyalty and Promotion Integrated

    Built in Loyalty and Promotion feature.
  • Unlimited Staff

    There is not restriction on how many users you can add to POS.
  • No Special Hardware Required

    Xook POS runs on iPad and NOT locked down to specialized hardware like other POS companies. Getting POS is as simple as installing an App. You can get Xook POS app from App Store and install in any iPad. Android support coming soon.
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    Get All-in-one Ordering System for your Restaurant
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